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People can fill out a form update their profiles and submit information. Their submission will be saved in the form submissions tab, where an Admin can view the updated information.

Select View Public Form on the Forms page to be taken to the form itself on Church Center. You can see what your church members will be seeing and share that link with anyone who needs to fill out the form.


On the form, you will see all the fields you've added, and any fields you've required will have a red asterisk.


The form cannot be completed without the name, email address, and any other required fields, but other non-required fields can be left blank.


Once the form is submitted, the submission details will show on the screen.



Verification protects incorrect information from being entered into profiles, especially if an email address or phone number is updated since those are used for logging in to Church Center or Planning Center.

If someone fills out a profile field is on a form, they will see a message after their submission asking them to check for a verification email at the primary email address on their profile to confirm what they entered is true.



A person will not be sent a verification email if:

  • they're logged into Church Center on the web or app.

  • the updated profile field is phone number listed in a different format, but the number matches.

  • the only profile field updated is a note.

In the email itself, they can click the blue button to verify that the information is correct.


Until they verify the changes by clicking the blue button, their profile will not be updated with the new information.

You can find out if someone has verified information by looking at the form submission.

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