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You will receive notifications about workflows, forms, and notes when you are added to them. Choose a section to see how the notification works and where to make changes to it.

Workflow Notifications

When a card has been assigned to you, you'll receive an email notification. To save your inbox from clutter, we bundle up all the new cards into a single email. This email will be sent after no new cards have been assigned to you for 10 minutes.

The notification email has a link to take you directly to the workflow, and the step with the new cards is also listed in the email.



If you assign a card to yourself, you won't receive an email notification.

Notifications are only sent when cards are assigned from someone else, as a result of an automation, or due to the end of a snooze.

Turn Off Notifications

By default, workflow notifications are turned on for everyone.

If you want to turn off notifications for yourself, click Notification Preferences.


Uncheck the box to stop receiving notifications, and then click Save.


Undelivered Emails

There are various reasons why an email might have not been delivered. You can see a list of all the emails a person has received through Planning Center from the Communication tab on their profile page. Open an email highlighted in red to see if the email failed or was dropped.



To learn more about what specific error codes entail, check out Email Error Codes.

If someone mentions they didn't receive an email, or you see that an email failed to be delivered to them, try these things:

  • Check Planning Center People to make sure their email address isn't blocked.

  • Ask the person to add,, and to their email address book, which allowlists them.

If neither of these help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

Allowlisting Emails

Allowlisting an email tells your email provider to place emails from certain senders into your inbox, rather than marking those emails as spam. Doing this will help you and your congregation avoid the need to go through your spam or junk folder in order to find emails from Planning Center.

Allowlisting may look a little different in each email provider, but the basic process involves adding these three domains to your address book:

Click on the link that correlates with your email provider to learn how to allowlist email addresses in your email account:

After allowlisting those email addresses, Planning Center emails will always show up in your inbox, and these important emails won't slip through the cracks!

Form Notifications

If you're on the notification list, you will receive an email every time a form is submitted.


Add People to Notification List

From form settings, you can add people to receive an email each time someone submits that form.


Note Notifications

If you are on the notification list of a specific note category, you'll receive an email notification. To save your inbox from clutter, we bundle up all the new notes into a single email. This email is sent every day at 6am in the organization's time zone.


Add People to Notification List

From the note category, you can add people to receive an email with all the notes added to the category.

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