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When a card has been assigned you on a Worfklow, you'll receive an email notificaiton. To save your inbox from clutter, we bundle up all the new cards into a single email. This email will be sent after no new cards have been assigned to you for 10 minutes.

By default, this option is enabled for everyone on your team.

Notification emails

Below is an example of a Workflow Notification email.

  1. This column tells you the name of the Workflow(s)
  2. This is the name of the step the new card(s) is assigned to
  3. This is a direct link to the step – it will take you directly to the action step
  4. You can click this to prevent future workflow notification emails
Example of Workflow Notification email

If you assign a card to yourself, we won't send you an email notificaiton. Notifications are only sent when cards are assigned from someone else, as a result of an automation, or due to the end of a Snooze. You can get notifications if the new step the card is moved to has an autosnooze setup, when the card unsnoozes, you will be notified.

Notification Preferences

You can disable future notifications from being sent. To modify this setting, go to the People app, click Workflows and then click the Notification Preferences button.

After clicking that button, you'll see a checkbox. Check it to recieve the notifications; uncheck it to disable them. When you're done, click Save.

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