Merge Profiles with the Duplicate Detector

Duplicate profiles can sometimes be created when a person uses a different email address or phone number to register for an event, join, a group, or give. Organization Administrators can merge those profiles, keeping all information.

The Duplicate Detector will suggest a potential duplicate based on:

  1. Exact name matches
  2. Double metaphones (names that sound similar, like John and Jon)
  3. Common nicknames

From those matches, it removes any potential duplicates that have:

  • Genders that are set differently; however, if the gender is set for one and not for another, it will leave them in the potential duplicates list
  • Profiles that are in a household together
  • Names that are the same but have different suffixes (Jr., Sr., etc.)

View Multiple Duplicates

From the People tab, select the gear and then choose Duplicate Detector to see a list of all the duplicates in your database.

View the list of people who have duplicate profiles then select X potential duplicates to merge the profiles.

Accessing Ignored Duplicates

If you choose View ignored duplicates, you'll be taken to the duplicates you've ignored in the past.

If these profiles were ignored in error, they can be merged by going to one of the profiles and selecting Merge this profile

View One Duplicate

You can see if a person has a duplicate right from their profile.

Choose X Potential Duplicate Profiles to be taken to the place to merge the profiles.

Merge the Profiles

View the duplicated profiles, deciding which profile to keep and which to merge.

Make the one with the most accurate information the primary profile. Any information that is different in the two profiles will default to the primary profile.

  1. Move this duplicate to be the primary on the far left hand side.
  2. If you’re certain these people are not duplicates, we will not suggest the two as duplicates again, and they will then be in the ignored duplicates list.
  3. Merge this duplicate profile into the primary one.

Ignore and Merge Duplicate both require confirmations to be completed:

Once you've merged the duplicates, you can be taken to the next duplicate in the list to keep merging!

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