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There's a lot to consider when running background checks in order to stay compliant with all of the various local, state, and federal compliance regulations. Checkr helps to make the process easy and has specific packages for faith-based communities. We've partnered with Checkr to provide a seamlessly integrated background check process from right within Planning Center.

However, if you use a different provider, or already have background checks on people in your database, you can manually track background checks instead of initiating a new check through Checkr.


In order to access background checks, you must have background check permissions.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Order a Background Check

Once you've enabled Checkr in Accounts, you can request a single background check, or you can request multiple background checks at one time.


If you initiate a background check in Checkr, it will not show up in People. In order to track background checks in People, you must initiate them in People.

For an Individual

From a person's profile page, click Add Background Check from the security badge dropdown.

For Multiple People

From the Dashboard, click the Background Checks tab to order multiple background checks at once.

Click New background check.


Search for the people you'd like to run a background check on and click Next once you'd added them to your list.


If the person doesn't have an email address, they will not receive the email to give permission for their background check. Enter their email address, and then run their background check from their profile.

Choose Package

Click Choose Package to see the different background check options.


Choose the background check package you'd like to order, and then check the box to charge to the applicant or include the driving records.


Click Next, and then verify the email address listed. Click Initiate Check to send an email with the next step.


There isn't a way to cancel a background check in People, but you can cancel it in Checkr.

Checkr only charges for completed background checks; there is no cost for sending out invites. Checkr sends a notification each day for seven days or until the application is filled out.

Background Check Results

After the person verifies from their email, Checkr will begin their background check, searching various databases and courthouse records to screen your candidate. This usually takes about two business days but could take up to a few weeks depending on what courts are being searched and their search request process times.

You can get to the Checkr results from a person's profile.

  • From the background check dropdown, click View details.

  • Click Checkr to be taken to Checkr's website.

  • Log in with your Checkr credentials.

Once Checkr has completed their search, they will compile a report with the results, and mark the report as either clear or consider.


Checkr didn't find anything out of the ordinary for this person. Their background check status will be automatically set to clear.


Checkr does not make any judgment calls about who is qualified to serve in your ministry. They will only provide information about anything that appears on the records of the person, so you can make an informed decision; therefore, a report will be marked consider if anything is found in the person's records, regardless of the severity of what is found.

You can see any reports marked as Consider by filtering to that Status.


If the report is marked consider, the contact person for Checkr will receive an email, and they can view the report in Checkr to make a decision on how to proceed.


If you decide to proceed with either hiring or allowing the person to volunteer, despite what was found in their background check, click Engage in Checkr. Their background check status will automatically be set to Clear in Planning Center.

Adverse Actions

If you decide not to proceed with a person because of information contained in their background check, read about the process by the EEOCC. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the person is given a copy of their background check report and is given an opportunity to dispute anything in it.

Checkr handles disclosures and disputes for you. In the Checkr interface, click Pre-Adverse Action from the report to initiate the adverse action process.

These requirements apply for volunteers as well job applicants, according to the FTC.

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