Overview of Background Checks

A background check can provide added confidence that your church is safe secure and secure by verifying the history of your staff and volunteers. When you keep track of background check results in Planning Center, you can use that information to help you make sure that your volunteers are only scheduled or checked in when they have cleared a background check.


Learn more about how background checks are used in Services and in Check-Ins.

Types of Background Checks

Integrated Background Checks with Checkr

We've partnered with Checkr to provide a seamlessly integrated background check process from right within Planning Center. When you use Checkr for your background checks, you'll be able to initiate a background check and keep up with it's status from that person's profile page.

As of now, Checkr's background checks are only available to customers in the US.

Instructions for getting started with Checkr are available here.

Manually Entered Background Checks

Your church may use another provider for background checks, or have already ran background checks on some of the people in your database. For these records, you can Manually Track Background Checks instead of initiating a new check through Checkr.

International Support

Checkr is only available for background checks within the United States. Since each country has different rules pertaining to background checks, they don’t currently offer checks outside of the US currently. 

However, you can import information from your background check provider by Manually Tracking Background Checks.

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