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When you run Background Checks through Planning Center, your church will be able to take advantage of a special rate from Checkr. These prices are directly from Checkr, and may be different than the pricing you see on their website. We don't add any markup or take any profit shares from Checkr.

Each package level searches different databases. When you run the check, you'll choose which level you want to run on the individual.









SSN Trace

Sex Offender Registry Check

Global Watchlist Check

National Criminal Records Check

County Criminal Records (1 County)



County Criminal Records (Unlimited Counties)



Additional Fee Information

  • Motor vehicle records search can be added to any package for $5.

  • If anything shows up on a person's national criminal records search, Checkr is required by law to run a verification report at the county level. So, a $12.99 Basic package could be automatically upgraded to a $24.99 Standard package or a $34.99 Pro package if the results require it.

  • Some counties charge fees to the base cost of the background check. For example, a Standard background check will cost $24.99 plus any county fees incurred. Not all counties charge fees, and the fees differ per county.

Billing Questions

All billing for background checks is handled directly through Checkr. For additional questions about Checkr's pricing, reach out to their support team at or their documentation:

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