Manually Track Background Checks

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If you have background checks from other providers, or you need to track background checks for people under 18, you can manually track them in Planning Center.

Add a manual background check for an individual from their profile page by selecting the background check badge then Add Background Check.

Select Add Manual Check to enter the information about the background check.

Set their status, the date it was completed, the expiration date, and a note, such as a link to the background check report.

To keep track of background checks for people under 18, which allows them to serve on a Secure Team, we recommend putting the Expiration date as the date they'll turn 18. When they turn 18, the status changes, which allows you to run a background check on them.

background check info

When the background check passes, the check will expire, and the person will no longer be able to be scheduled through Services or check in at Check-Ins.

Set background checks for multiple people by a bulk action on the People page or on a list.

bulk action update

View all the background checks from the tab on the dashboard.

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