Headcounts is a feature in Check-Ins that allows you to keep track of any type of attendance, without needing to track specific individuals. Headcounts does not affect your daily Check-In limit.

Add Times

Headcounts works in conjunction with the times within Events in Check-Ins. So, if you haven't done so already, please make sure that you've added times to your event.

Using Headcounts

On the Admin side of Check-Ins navigate to the Event you'd like to start adding Check-Ins to. Viewers and Editors both can add Headcounts.

1. Standard Headcounts - These are the numbers of physical Check-Ins that have happened from the Stations side of from bulk editing. You can't edit these numbers from this page.

2. Custom Headcounts  - Click "Add new" to get started. You'll have the option to choose the name of the Headcount, as well as the color you'd like for this headcount. The color you choose here will reflect on the main graph. Once your headcounts have been added you'll be able to add them on this same page. Simply type in the numbers you're wanting to track, and it'll automatically save and show in the graph. Navigate to past weeks be clicking on the date selector at the top (3).

Using the Graph for Headcounts

At the top left, filter the graph down to the event you'd like to see (1). This will automatically show the Regulars, Guests, Volunteers, and any Custom Headcounts that you might have added. You can filter (2) any specific headcount you'd like by deselecting them at the bottom. You can also hover (3) over any bar on the graph to get the specifics of that session.


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