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Depending on your church's policies or local legal requirements, you may be required to re-run background checks for your staff and volunteers. Organization Administrators can select People Admins to do just that. Set the expiration date and assign Admins who can run those checks from the Background Checks tab on the Dashboard.

Set an Expiration Date

Use the expiration policy setting to automatically expire background checks after they reach a certain age.

Select the pencil next to Expiration Policy.

Check the box to auto-expire the background checks then enter the number of months you want to pass before expiring.

expiration policy

When you change the setting, any background check that is older than the new time frame will be automatically expired.

If you make the time frame longer than it used to be, previously expired background checks may become valid again.

Expired background checks do not count as cleared background checks in Services or Check-Ins.

Expiring Manual Background Checks

Manual background checks have the option to either expire on a specific date or to adhere to your church's expiration policy listed on the Background Checks page. You can choose which option is right for each background check when creating a manual background check.

When entering a manual background check on a person's profile, select the expiration date from the dropdown.


The expiration policy on the Background Checks page has no affect on manual background checks that have a specific expiration date set.

View Expiring Background Checks

To see whose background checks will expire soon, you can use the Background Check Status condition in Lists. Build a list that looks something like this:

Use automations to automatically add these people to a workflow to follow up with them before their check expires.

Give Access to Admins

People with lower permissions will be able to see whether or not a person has a cleared background check on file but no other details.

Select Add an Admin.

To add a Background Check Admin, choose a permission level or add an individual person.

background check admins

In Services and Check-Ins, people who are not Organization Administrators will not be able to see any details, such as if the person hasn't had a background check run on them, if the check was not cleared, or if the check is expired; they will only see if the tag has or has not been applied to a person.

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