6/12/2017 - Changelog

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Updated Name Layout

We've updated the way we display names to match the other apps. The new format is: "prefix first (given) middle nickname last, suffix"



Deprecated "Has Activity" Condition

We removed a condition in Lists to find someone "with activity" in a certain app. You may ask "but why would you remove such a helpful condition!?" Because it didn't work the way anyone thought it should work (including myself), and getting it to work right is a non-trivial task that will need to be tackled later. For now, you can stick to the more specific activity conditions, like "has checked-in" or "has given."


Perform Action -> Bulk Actoin

No, you're not going crazy. The "Perform Action" item in the Actions menu of a list was renamed to "Bulk Action." Now it matches other places in the app, like the "Bulk Action" item on the main list of people.


Default Phone Number Type

We've changed the default type of phone number to "Mobile" because it's 2017.

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