Create Campuses & Categories to Organize Workflows

If you have multiple campuses or similar workflows, use campuses and categories to filter them on the Workflows page.

From the Workflows tab, choose to filter your workflows by campus or set up categories for more specific filtering.

Only Organization Administrators can add and remove campuses from Accounts.

Create, Edit, or Delete Categories

If you haven't yet set up categories, select Manage Workflow Categories to create categories to later add to your workflows.

Edit a category name by selecting the pencil.

Delete the category by selecting the trash can icon.

Add Categories to Workflows

After you create categories, assign them to the workflow.

Go to a workflow and select Edit Workflow to change the name or choose a campus and/or category.

Select Save to assign the campus and/or category.

Return to the Workflows tab to see the workflow under the new campus and category.

Once you set up campuses and categories, filter workflows by choosing from the dropdowns!

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