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If you volunteer with multiple churches and would like to easily switch between accounts and even view both schedules in one screen, link your accounts by using the same name, email address, and password.

Before you can link your accounts, make sure each profile has the same email address and name. Once you've updated your profile information, make sure your passwords are the same by resetting your password. After those two steps, log in and link your accounts to easily switch between them!

Update Profile Information

From your profile in any app, edit your information to be the same for both churches.

Edit profile
  1. If you use a nickname in one church but your full name in another, change your name to be exactly the same.
  2. Add the email address from the other church. You can still use a different email address for notifications by starring the email address you want to be primary.

Select Save to update your profile then log out by selecting your name in the upper right.

log out
Reset Your Password

Now that your information is the same, you need to set your password to be the same in order to link church accounts.

Go back to the login page and select Need a password?

reset password

Enter your email address then select Send Code.

send code

Check your email, where you'll receive a code verifying the email address belongs to you.

code email

Enter the code in the box then select Continue to set password for any account associated with the email address.

enter code

All accounts associated with the entered email address will be available for a password reset.

Use the checkboxes to choose which accounts need a new password.

If an account is missing from this list, try another email address.

check accounts to change password

Checking the boxes does not link the accounts. You can have the same password for many accounts without linking them.

The Benefits of Linked Accounts

Besides the ability to easily toggle between accounts, the biggest benefit is being able to see your scheduled plans for all linked churches.

Services Scheduling

Under My Schedule, view when you're scheduled for both churches.

My Schedule

When scheduled for the account you're not viewing, you'll see the account name beside the Service Type. Availability, scheduling preferences, and blockout dates are shared, so you won't be double-booked in two places!

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