9/22/2017 Changelog

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Heres's the highlights of the improvements made to People over the last couple weeks. Sorry for not posting a single changelog all summer!

Applicant Pay - Now your volunteers can pay for their own background checks online! More info in the blog post and documentation.

Workflows V2 - Workflows were reworked to be faster, update in real time, and better organized. Read the first and second blog posts for more.

Activity Feeds - When an third party app creates or updates a profile via the API, it was hard to know where the change came from. That's been addressed by changing the entry for that update in the Activity Feed so that it now shows which third party app generated the change.

Prettied up some emails - This isn't super exciting, but when we realized we were still sending a few emails out as plain text, we had to fix that up right quick.

MailChimp - Sometimes you'd sync a list to MailChimp, we'd tell you the sync finished, then you'd go to MailChimp and your list wouldn't be there. We're now able to track the sync status more accurately, so there should be less confusion.

Mobile Apps - Added a page that lists all the people in your org, and lets you sort and filter them easily.

Have any questions or feedback? Let us know by clicking on the '?' in the top right of the app. We can't do it without you!

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