Organize Information with Notes

Add a note on someone's profile about a prayer request, a need, or a meeting you had with them. Add categories to keep your notes clean and choose who can view those notes.

From the People page, select the gear and choose Notes.

Add note categories by selecting Manage Note Categories.

Add, edit, or delete categories and manage who can see notes in those categories.

The General category cannot be edited or deleted. All General notes will be visible to Viewers and above.

  1. Select the pencil to edit the category.
  2. Enter the name and choose which person(s) or permission to allow to view the notes within that category.
  3. Add a category by typing the name of the category and choosing Create Category.

In edit mode, delete the category or save your edits by selecting Delete Category or Done.

Once you're finished, select the green Done button to be taken back to notes.

Create a Note

Once you've created your categories, add a note from the notes tab on a person's profile.

Choose the category to put the note in and enter the content of the note.

enter the note

Once you've added the note to a profile, you can see the date and person who added it.

view or delete the note

To delete it, hover over it and select Delete. There is no way to edit the note.

If someone has multiple notes, you can easily filter them. Select All Categories and choose the category from the dropdown.

All notes entered on profiles will be added to the Notes page in the order which they were entered.

Use All Categories to filter the notes based on your created categories.

Select the name of a person to be taken to their profile to see all their notes.

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