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Add a note on someone's profile about a prayer request, a need, or a meeting you had with them. Add categories to keep your notes clean, and choose who can view those notes. You can reference notes on a person's profile and from the Profile notes tab.

Create a Note

Add a note from the Notes tab on a person's profile.


Choose the category to put the note in and enter the note's content. Once you've added the note to a profile, you can see the date and person who added it. The person who created the note can also edit it.



If someone has multiple notes, filter by choosing a category from the All Categories dropdown.

Add Note Categories

From the Notes tab, click Manage Note Categories from the All Categories dropdown.



You will only see a category if you are a People Manager and have permissions in that category.

Click New Note Category to add a new category, or select one of the categories to manage who can see notes in those categories.


All General notes are visible to Viewers and above.

  1. Allow the notes to be viewed and/or created by certain people or permissions.


    Every category must have one person or group who has View/Create access. By default, managers have that access. You can change that by adding another person or group with View/Create access, and then remove All managers.

  2. Add anyone who should be notified when a new note is added.

Make notes in a note category visible to specific people by adding them in the Collaborators section and choosing their access.


To remove the category entirely, select Delete Category.

Filter Notes

All notes entered on profiles will be added to the notes tab in chronological order, and they can be filtered, searched, deleted, or exported. In addition, the creator of a specific note can edit it.

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