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If you need to send quick information to people, send them a text message! All texts are sent from lists and stored on the Message History page. You can also see them on the Communication tab of any profile. Replies are not received.


Want to see other ways to use texting in Planning Center? Check out our Texting Reference Guide!


Texting is only available to US customers. If you are an international customer, use a third party.

Enable Text Messaging

In compliance with mobile carrier requirements for sending mass text messages, an organization administrator must register a 10-digit phone number for your account on the Billing page in Accounts to enable text messaging. Go to the Text Messaging tab to begin registering a number.


Register Your Number

You must have a credit card on your account to register a number. Select Add Credit Card in Step 1 to go to the Billing Info page to add your card details.


After adding a card, return to the Text Messaging tab and select Register in Step 2.


Complete the registration form.

  1. Select the estimated amount of texts that you'll send per month.

  2. Before sending a text message to someone, our texting feature requires you to have proof of consent to text them. Add the public URL to your Consent to Text form here.


    Find your form's public URL in the form's Settings tab!

  3. Check the box to affirm that you are a religious non-profit organization and verify that your organization details are correct.

  4. Select how many text messaging credits you want to start with.


    You can always add more credits later! Check out the section below for more information.

Once you've reviewed and completed the registration form, your application must be verified by the mobile carriers, which can take up to 4 weeks. You'll receive an email from Twilio, our text messaging partner, once you have been approved.

During the waiting period, you can still send up to 750 messages daily and up to 3,750 weekly. Once approved, there's no limit to how many you can send.


In addition to the $5 monthly fee to maintain your phone number, you must purchase text credits to send texts. Credits are $0.02 each and can be purchased in various increments from the Billing page in Accounts. If you are in a state that requires sales tax, sales tax is applied to this cost.

A credit is one text message of up to 160 standard characters to one recipient. If your message uses special characters like emojis, the message size limit will decrease. Special characters are any characters not found in the GSM-7 encoding standard.

Credits never expire and are not automatically renewed. If you run out of credits, you'll be prompted to buy more when composing the text message.

You will always know how many credits a message will require before it is sent.


Send a Text

To send a text, you need to create a list. Then, from the list results tab, click the message icon, and choose to Send text message.



Text messages can only be sent by Managers and Editors or Viewers who have Can send text messages enabled.

Enter the message, and then click Send text message.

  1. The number of characters you've used.

  2. The number of credits you'll be using.

  3. The number of credits you have left. If the list has more people than you have credits, an Organization Administrator can purchase more credits from the Products Page.

The first text someone receives says, “You are subscribed to messages from [Your Church Name]. Msg&Data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply STOP to cancel.” You will not be charged for this text.



If the recipient replies with a “STOP” message, they will receive an unsubscribe confirmation text and no longer receive messages from your church.


If a recipient receives texts from multiple churches, their "STOP" reply will only unsubscribe them from the church that most recently sent them a text. They can text "STOPALL" to unsubscribe from all churches.

If someone unsubscribes, their profile will show icons that show the number is textable, but the person has unsubscribed.


If they want to receive messages again, they can text "START" to 34040.

Allowable Content in Texts

  • You can send URLs. Use a link shortener to limit the characters. On smartphones, the URL will be turned into a clickable link, but phones without that capability will only show the text.

  • You cannot send images.

  • You cannot schedule messages.

  • You cannot use keywords/two-way messaging. However, you can use a third party.

If someone tries to respond to a message, it will be discarded, and they'll receive this message.


Text Errors

If a text is successfully sent to a number marked something other than mobile on their profile, an icon will be added to that number indicating it is textable.

If a number cannot receive a text, you can see an icon on their profile to show the number isn't textable.


If a mobile number successfully receives a text message, you can see the icon on their profile.

  • 30003 usually means their carrier doesn't allow for texts from shortcodes.

    Some people may be able to allow messages sent from our shortcode by texting, "Allow 34040" to 9999. However, customers from other wireless carriers will likely need to reach out to their carrier's support group to enable "Premium" or short code messaging.

  • 30004 means their number is blocked. They will not receive any texts.

  • 21612 means the number is not a valid US number.

View Sent Messages

Once a message has been sent, you can see it from the Message History page or a person's profile.

All Messages

From the Lists page, click Text message history to see all the sent text messages.


You can see the message, who sent it, and how many credits it took to send. Click a message to see more detail.


If the text was not delivered, you can click the person's name and make changes to the phone number listed on their profile.



The No textable numbers message indicates that the number was not a mobile number that could be texted, so there was no attempt to send the text. You will not be charged a credit.

The Undelivered message indicates an attempt was made, and you will be charged a credit.

Individual Messages

From the Communication tab of someone's profile, you can see texts sent to a person.

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