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If you need to send quick information to people, send them a text message! All texts are sent from lists and stored on the Message History page. You can also see them on the Communication tab of any profile. Replies are not received.


Want to see other ways to use texting in Planning Center? Check out our Texting Reference Guide!

To send a text, go to the Results tab of a list, select the message icon, and choose Send text message.



Text messages can only be sent by managers, editors, or viewers who can send text messages.

Enter the message, and then select Send text message.

  1. If you use more than the allotted number of characters, you use more than one credit for the text.

  2. A credit is one text message of up to 160 standard characters to one recipient. The message size limit will decrease if your message uses special characters like emojis. Special characters are any characters not found in the GSM-7 encoding standard.

  3. If the list has more people than you have available credits or you use more characters, an organization administrator can purchase more credits from the Products page.


You cannot send images, schedule messages, or use keywords/two-way messaging.

The first text notifies the person that they've been subscribed to your church's texts. You will not be charged for that text.


If someone tries to respond to a message, their reply is discarded, and they'll receive a reply with that information.


Unsubscribe and Resubscribe Options

If a person no longer wants to receive texts from your church, they can text “Stop” or “Stopall” to your toll-free number. If they want to receive texts again after unsubscribing, they can text “Start” to your number.  


To prevent your phone number from being marked as spam, only send texts to people who have opted in to receive texts from your church.  

Text Codes

If a number isn't textable, you may see a code that helps define why the number isn't textable.

  • 30003 usually means their carrier doesn't allow for texts from shortcodes.

  • 30004 means their number is blocked. They will not receive any texts.

  • 21612 means the number is not a valid US number.

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