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There’s a new way to get information to the people in your church. No church this weekend because of bad weather? Reopening in-person services? You can let people know by sending a notification right to their Church Center inbox. They’ll even get a push notification (assuming they’ve allowed them)!


From a list, click on the new messaging menu and find the “Church Center Announcement” option.


Then compose your message. You can even include an action button that will link directly to where you want them to go.


If you link to a page in Church Center, like an event or a group, they’ll be taken there right inside the app.


Once you’ve sent a Church Center announcement, the history of all announcements sent is accessible from the Lists page. Here you can see every message that has been sent, who sent it, and who read it. When you need to give your message its best chance at being read, you’ll have the option to send a text message to everyone who hasn’t read that notification in their app. (Texting is still only available in the US, and your account needs to have text messaging credits available before you’ll see the button).


Some things to know –

  • Follow these instructions to enable Church Center app for your church
  • Recipients need to have Church Center app v2021.4.14 or later installed to read these notifications (roughly 85% of all users have already updated)
  • Any admin in People with Manager permissions or the “Can send Church Center announcements” permission can send announcements and see the announcement history.
  • There are no limits to the number of notifications you can send (other than your congregation's tolerance before they disable them on their phone)
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