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If you want to make sure people in your church know about something coming up, you can send an announcement through the Church Center app!


Do you want to know who is using the Church Center app? Create a list to see who has used it in a designated time frame!

Create an Announcement

From a list, click the message dropdown, and choose the Church Center announcement.



If you know you're creating a list to send an announcement, make sure you add the condition to include those who have used Church Center in a timeframe, so those who haven't used Church Center don't get a random notification the next time they log in.

Enter the information you want into the announcement.

  1. The title is the first thing they'll see on their notification page. It's like a subject line.

  2. Enter the necessary information in the body.

  3. In order to remove unread announcements from notifications, you can set this announcement to be marked as "read" after a designated amount of time.

  4. If you have an action you want people to take, make it into a button!

Click Review when you've added all the announcement information.

You can preview the announcement, so you see what your congregants see when they receive the announcement.


View Sent Announcements

Once an announcement has been sent, you can see it from the Message history page or from a person's profile.

All Announcements

From Lists, you can see all the announcements in the Message history.


The announcement information will show if it was read or unread.


View Individual Announcements

From the Communication tab of someone's profile, you can see announcements sent to a person.


View the Announcement on Church Center

If notifications are on for the Church Center app, a person will receive a notification to their device about the announcement.

If a person doesn't have notifications on, they can still see any announcements from the notification icon in the Church Center app.

Tap the bell to be taken to the announcements.


You can access notifications from both Church Center web and app. However, notification preferences can only be set from the iOS or Android app.

notification bell_arrow.png

The announcement will be shown under the New category. Tap the announcement to view it.


Tap any action buttons to be taken to the website.


Once the announcement is read, or if the time has elapsed, the announcement will be listed under the Previous category.

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