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You want the first experience at your church to be great, and helping people pre-register for church allows you to get their information ahead of time! Create a form for them to fill out before they arrive so you can make their visit seamless.

Create a Form

To gather information quickly, create a form with any information that might be necessary for you to know when they arrive.

The most important information to have on the form is the household field. If you're checking in any kids, having their grades and ages before they arrive is helpful in checking them into the correct place!



Not sure what to add to your form? Check out the one we've created!

Add an Automated Email

Create an automation to email the person who filled out the form. Here's an example of an email template you could create.



The person who created the automation will be the sender of the email.

Notify Your Team

Your team will want to know when someone fills out the form so they can be prepared! Add them to the Notification list, and they'll receive an email when someone fills out the form. Check Send a copy to the form submitter if you want people to receive a copy of their form responses.


If you want to make sure your visitors don't slip through the cracks, add submitters to a follow up process using workflows!

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