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People has a mobile app where you can access dashboards, profiles, lists, forms, and workflows on the go!

To start, install the People app on your iOS or Android device and log in with your email and password.


The Dashboard tab gives you an overview of your database broken down by gender and age group, as well as the ability to search for a profile, add a new profile, and view profile notes.

  1. Search for a person.

  2. Add a new profile to your database.

  3. View all profile notes accessible to you.


In the People tab, you can view all profiles, only People Admins, or only Inactive profiles in your database.


You can also view and edit individual profiles.

  1. Edit a profile's information.

  2. Tap a profile's avatar to view a larger version.

  3. Call, text, or email a person or add a profile note to their profile.


On the Lists tab, you can view all the lists you have access to, lists you've recently viewed, lists that you can manage, and any starred lists.


You can interact with an individual list as well.

  1. View the Results, Rules, Automations, and Settingstabs like you can on the web.

  2. Send an email to the list directly from your phone.


In the Forms tab, view all forms visible to you, forms you've recently seen, open forms, and closed forms.


You can tap on a form to view submissions for it and tap on an individual to see their submission data.



In the Workflows tab, view all workflows visible to you or just workflows with cards assigned to you.


When viewing a card assigned to you, you can complete it to move it to the next step, perform actions on the card, reassign the card, view the card's history, and remove or delete it.

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