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If you're like me, you get into rhythms and routines and grooves. It's good! Very productive. But there can be a downside, where I start clicking "Yes, I read this" on boxes I definitely did not read. And then suddenly the thing I was working on is 💨 gone! *Cue flashbacks to many a spreadsheet...*

Over the years, this has happened a time or two to you, our beloved customers, when working with forms. Sometimes, we get clicking a little too fast, accidentally click the wrong button, don't read the warning, and delete our entire form. To make this less likely, we've moved the button to delete the form to a more inconspicuous location at the bottom of the Settings tab.

delete button.png

So if you only need to delete one submission, you won't accidentally delete the whole form (and thereby lose all automations and their history!).


~ The People Team ~

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