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In a perfect world, staff transition from one admin to another would be well planned and implemented long before the departing staff member leaves. Alas, we do not live in a perfect world.

On occasion, the admin that is on their way out leaves suddenly or forgets to switch their lists over to the new admin taking their place. If those lists are running any automations or syncing to Mailchimp, they definitely need to be in control of someone.

Before today, the only way for the admin that remains to gain access to the list(s) was to reach out to support. But no more!

Today we present to you two new features for our Organization Administrators to rescue these lists quickly, without having to wait on support.

1. New Filter View

First up is a new filter view on the lists index. This appears only to Organization Administrators, allowing them to see all of the lists that no longer have a manager:


2. Add Permissions For Yourself

Once within the abandoned list, head over to the settings, and you can now click this lovely button, which will immediately give you a "Manage" share for this list.


Now that you're able to manage the list, you can duplicate any rules or conditions that were not functional so that they will now run under your permissions. You can also reassign any automations to yourself!

Stay tuned for more!


~ The People Team ~

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