New: Rescue Abandoned Workflows

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If you liked the last feature we announced (New: Rescue Abandoned Lists), you're going to love what we have for you today. We've added that same functionality to workflows!
(Short version: Organization Administrators can now see and take control of workflows that have no manage shares.)

Today we present to you two new features for our Organization Administrators to rescue manager-less workflows quickly, without having to wait on support.

1. New Filter View

First up is a new filter view on the workflows index. This appears only to Organization Administrators, allowing them to see all of the workflows that no longer have a manager:

wf filter.png

2. Add Permissions For Yourself

Once within the abandoned workflows, head over to the settings, and you can now click this lovely button, which will immediately give you a "Manage" share for this workflow.

wf add.png

Now that you're able to manage the workflow, you can see all of the cards in progress, adjust assignees, and so on!

Happy workflowing!


~ The People Team ~

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