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Learn how to create some commonly requested forms below to help you gain experience in how forms work, get important information about your people, and reduce time spent on data entry!


Give people easy access to your forms by sharing the unique public link or QR code associated with each one.

Connection Card

Create a connection card form to gather information about new people in your church.

Add fields to the form to collect specific information from your guests.

  1. While forms automatically collect names and email addresses, add fields for other contact information like phone numbers and mailing addresses.

  2. Include a Household members field to allow people to add details about their family members.

  3. Find out how people learned about your church using checkboxes.


This form can work in conjunction with a guest follow up workflow. From the Settings tab, add a workflow automation to create a new workflow card each time a person submits this form.

Join a Serve Team

Create a form to make it easier for your volunteers to connect with the right serve teams at your church.

  1. Collect additional contact information so your team leaders can follow up.

  2. Set up ministry-specific workflows and add a Workflow field to your form. New cards will be created when someone selects an option in this field.

New workflow cards created by a workflow form field will include a link to the form submission.

Prayer Requests

Create a form allowing people to submit prayer requests or praise reports. Include a notes field on your form to store responses directly in the Notes tab of a person's profile.


In the form's Settings, add prayer team members to the notification list of this form so they receive an email each time someone submits the form.

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