The People Tab

The people tab lists all people in your accounts, and all admins in your account. It's also where you can import and export CSVs of all people, promote grades, customize fields and add new people.

  1. The All tab lists all people in your account. This includes people added to any other Planning Center app.
  2. The Administrators tab shows only users who have access to the PCO People app.
  3. The Settings button contains options to Import CSVs, Export CSVs of all people in your account, Promote Grades, and Customize Fields.
  4. Add a new person. (If you're on the Administrators tab, this button will be Add Administrator)
  5. Quickly filter the list by name or email
  6. The Apps column shows which PCO apps each person is in or can access. If an app icon is grayed out, it means that person exists in that app but can't actually access the app themselves. If an app has a dark icon, the person can log into that app. To give someone access to an app, you must do it from the People tab within that app.
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