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Each person's profile has built-in fields for personal information, household, social profiles, and more.

Select a person from the People page or search for them.

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From a person's profile tab, you can view most necessary information quickly. To edit any of the information, select the section.

Expand the corresponding section for more details.

1. Personal Information

Contact the person by selecting their information, or select the pencil to make changes to the information in this section.

edit personal info
  • Use the + to add a new type of contact or the - to remove the contact information.
  • Use the dropdowns to choose stage of life and important dates.
  • Enter the first and last name as well as any additional names. Use the Given Name, the legal first name of the person, in associating a check from a person who goes by a different name. Use the Nickname if a person regularly goes by another name in addition to this one.
  • If you're editing a phone number or address with the type set to Home, you can update it for all members in the same household by checking the box that appears when you edit.
  • Mobile numbers are listed first. They are shown on a mobile device and will take you to your SMS app.
  • Age is shown in months until 2 years and is used in Check-Ins location filters.
  • If you want to add a birthday with no year, type it in manually rather than using the picker and use 1885 as the birth year, which will show no age.
  • A Child can log in but cannot make changes to their profile.
  • Medical Notes show up on Registrations and Check-Ins labels.
  • Managers can customize the prefix, suffix, and marital status options.

When the phone number or email address of someone who can log in to Planning Center is updated, they receive a notification email letting them know.

Profile Picture

Update the profile picture by hovering over the image and clicking the pencil. You can then choose a picture from your files.

profile pic

On a mobile device, update your profile picture from the edit screen. You can take a picture or choose a picture from your files.

2. Membership, Campus, & Background Checks

Use the dropdowns to change the membership status, campus, or run a background check.

Managers can customize the membership status options.

3. Settings

Managers can view and edit permissions, perform an action in any app, merge, delete, or set the person to inactive all from the gear dropdown.

When a person leaves your church, set them as inactive, removing any permissions they have in any app. They will no longer be able to log in, but their history will remain intact.

4. Households

Select the pencil next to the Household name to add or remove people in the household.

Edit a single household
  1. Name the household. The last name will be the name by default unless you change it.
  2. The Primary contact for a household is denoted by the green label. Select the gear to make changes. Removing someone from a household does not remove them from the database.
  3. Delete the household from your database. No people are deleted, only the Household.
  4. Select Other Households in the top right to access or add the person to another household.

If you need to update a phone number or address for the whole family, open the personal information box, set the phone number or address to Home, make the changes, and check the box to update for the whole household.

5. Social Information

Add social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

If the person is a Child, you can enter a school and grade on their personal information and edit in this section.

Select the pencil to change the school or add other schools.

Set School Information

Each dropdown works with the previous one. Only schools that match the selected School Type are listed in the dropdown, and only grades that fall in the range set for the school will show up.

If you don't see a school, a Manager can add and edit school information from the Manage Schools button.

Use the tabs on the side to find more information or create your own tabs to store even more specific information.

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