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Planning Center has default fields for personal information, such as birthdate, gender, name, and contact information. If you want to collect information outside of what's already listed on a person's profile, edit some of the built-in fields, create your own, and organize them using section headings or custom tabs.

Custom Fields are dynamic and can be used in forms or to create lists. You can even allow them to print on Check-Ins labels.

To create and manage custom tabs and fields, go to the People page, expand the gear icon, and select Customize fields.


Edit Built-In Fields

The Personal tab holds all the built-in fields. You can customize these default fields with your own answers by clicking the pencil on the field.


Add Schools

Add or edit schools.

  1. Set the beginning and ending grades of that school. Once you assign a person to the school, the only grade options will be within that set range. If kids leave this school after the ending grade and always move into another school, select that school. When you promote grades at the end of the school year, they'll be moved to the listed school if they pass the set ending grade.

    If some students go to a different school, you'll have to change their promoted school manually.

  2. Use the handles to reorder schools in the list.

  3. Click the trashcan icon to delete the listed school from this list and any profile.

Scroll to the end of your school list to add a new option.

Edit Field Options

Select the pencil to add, edit, or remove options.


To edit field options:

  • Click the trash can icon to the right of any item to delete it from this list and any profile.

  • Click and drag the handles to reorder the options in the list.

Auto-Import Social Profiles and Photos

Check the box if you want social profiles to be imported based on a person's email address.

If a profile picture does not exist, importing social profiles will use the profile picture from another account and add it to their profile.



If this button is checked and you uncheck it, any profile pictures previously added from a social account will be removed along with their social information.

Once you check or uncheck the box, click Save to finalize your decision.

Add Custom Fields

To add Custom Fields, you must create at least one Custom Tab. Click add tab, type the name of the tab, and press Enter.


Only Managers can add fields.

Add fields by clicking New Field and choose what type of field you want it to be.

  • Use the pencils to edit the name of your tab and any fields.

  • Reorder the tabs and fields by dragging the handles.

  • Choose who can edit the fields on a person's profile by clicking the X to remove the listed person or Share with to choose a person or permission.

Custom Field Formatting

As you're adding Custom Fields, ensure they are defined by the parameters in the table so your information is added correctly.


If you create a dropdown field, you cannot change it to a checkbox field: you'll need to recreate the options.

Field Type



Any text up to 1,000 characters


Any text up to 65,000 characters



Dates in other formats will be ignored.




not case-sensitive


Any existing option for the field must be an exact match of an existing option.



Any combination of existing values, separated by a |

The values must be an exact match of an existing option.



Any number


Bulk importing file fields is not currently supported.


If no fields exist in the tab, you can delete the tab; however, if any fields are in the tab, that option will be unavailable.

Custom Field Permissions

You can manage who can view the fields in a custom tab. Make custom tabs visible to specific individuals or require a minimum permission level in the Collaborators section.


All Managers can change the custom tab and fields, but they may not have access to the tab on a person's profile.

  1. Click the X to remove access for the individual or permission level.

  2. Share with another individual or permission level.

  3. Check the box to share the tab with Check-Ins to allow the fields to be printed on a label.

Enter Information in Custom Fields

You can add information or import a file to the custom fields on a person's profile by going to the custom tab and clicking Edit Answers.



You can update custom fields for multiple people by using bulk actions!

Your congregation can also update their custom fields through a form submission.

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