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Create your own fields to store custom data for your people then organize them using section headings or custom tabs. Once you've got them created and organized, add the answers to them on a person's profile.

From the People tab, select the gear icon and choose Customize Fields.

Only users with Manager permissions can add custom fields, though all Admins can view all fields, and Editors and Managers can enter information into those custom fields.

Custom Field Formatting

As you're adding Custom Fields, ensure they are defined by the parameters in your table, so your information is added correctly.

Field Type Format
Text Any text up to 1,000 characters
Paragraph Any text up to 65,000 characters
Dates in other formats will be ignored.
Yes/No yes/no
not case-sensitive
Dropdown Any existing option for the field must be an exact match of an existing option
Checkboxes Any combination of existing values, separated by a |
The values must be an exact match of an existing option.
Number Any number
File Bulk importing file fields in not currently supported.

Edit Built-In Fields

Customize the default fields with your own answers by choosing the type of field below.

1. Add Schools

Select the pencil to add or edit schools.

Set school options
  1. Enter the name of the school.
  2. Choose the type(s) of the school.
  3. Set the beginning and ending grades of that school. Once you assign a person to the school, the only options will be within that set range. If kids leave this school after the ending grade and always move into another school, select that school. When you use the Promote Grades feature at the end of the school year, they'll be moved to the listed school if they pass the set ending grade.
  4. Use the handles to reorder schools in the list.
  5. Use the trashcan icon to delete the listed school from this list and any profile.

Select add a new option to continue adding schools, cancel to remove all the adds and edits you made, or Save to save the information you've added.

2. Edit Field Options

Select the pencil to add, edit, or remove options.

Edit field options
  1. Select the box to edit any existing text.
  2. Click the trash can icon to the right of any item to delete it from this list and any profile.
  3. Type a new field and select the checkbox or type enter to add. them and hitting enter.
  4. Use the drag handles to drag and reorder the options. Reordering doesn't change existing options for people.

Select Cancel to remove all the adds and edits you made or Save to save the information you added.

3. Change Auto-Import Option

If you want social profiles to be imported based on a person's email address, check the box.

If a profile picture does not exist, importing social profiles will use the profile picture from another account and add it to their profile.

If this button is checked, and you uncheck it, any profile pictures previously added from a social account will be removed along with their social information.

Once you check or uncheck the box, select Save to finalize your decision.

Add Custom Tabs

In order to add Custom Fields, you must create at least one Custom Tab first.

Select add tab and enter the name to start adding custom fields.

Adding Custom Tabs

Add fields and choose who can view the information to this tab.

  1. When you select New Field, you can type the name of the field and choose the type of field you'd like it to be.
  2. Select New Field to add more fields.
  3. Choose who to share this tab with. Select the x to remove the listed person and select Share with to choose a person or permission.

If no fields exist in the tab, you can delete the tab; however, if there are any fields in the tab, that option will not be available.

Field Types
  • Text: a single line or less
  • Paragraph: text, includes enters
  • Date: choose a date from the calendar
  • File: store any type of file up to 10 MB
  • Yes/No: only options available in dropdown.
  • Dropdown: only option can be chosen
  • Checkboxes: many options available for choosing
  • Section Header: used to organize fields, no answer available

If you create a dropdown field, you cannot then change it to a checkbox field: you'll need to recreate the options.

Once you've added your fields and tabs, your page will look similar to this:

Use the pencils to edit the name of your tab any any fields, and reorder the tabs and fields by dragging the handles.

Answer Custom Fields

Go to the custom tab on a person's profile and select Edit Answers.

Anyone with Editor permissions or higher can edit answers.

Enter the answers and select Save to add that information to the person's profile.

Edit Answers

Now that you have custom fields and tabs, import a file with the answers to that fields!

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