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Lists allow you to filter your people based on their information and activity across all Planning Center applications. You can share lists with others or print them using reports.


If a list owner is the only person with access to certain lists and their permissions in People are removed or their profile is inactivated, those lists will remain in the account but no longer sync to Mailchimp.

The Lists page shows the number of people in the list, the list name, the last time the list was refreshed, and any automations. To create a new list, select New List from the Lists page.

  1. Search by list name or filter the list by campus, categories, or Starred Lists.

  2. Choose a tab to see different groups of lists.

    • The My lists tab shows lists you created and lists you can manage.

    • The All lists tab shows all lists you created, can manage, and can view.

    • If you're an organization administrator, you'll see an Unassigned lists tab that includes all lists you can view without an active manager. You can add yourself as a manager to any list in this view.

  3. Add a star to important lists to access them more easily in the Starred lists tab.

  4. Duplicate the list or edit the rules for the list.

  5. View past emails, scheduled emails, texts, or Church Center announcements sent to lists.

Create or Edit a List

After creating a new list or selecting the pencil icon to edit an existing one, name your list by selecting  Edit at the top of the page, then set the rules and conditions. Rules are the building blocks of a list, and conditions are the terms that make up the rules.

Group multiple conditions together to find people who match any, all, or none of the conditions in a single rule or more than one rule.


To create rules or conditions for other products, you will need permissions in those products.

  1. If you have multiple rules or conditions within your rule, you can show people who meet all, any, or none of the conditions. If you need to be more specific, choose from at least, exactly, and at most.

  2. Select include to toggle the condition to exclude, excluding the people returned by that condition.

  3. Use the dropdown to find a condition, or start typing to search for one.

  4. Duplicate or delete the rule, or hover over the condition to duplicate or delete it.

  5. If a list manager has created a rule or condition, another manager can view or delete it but not edit it. They can duplicate the rule or condition to edit it.

  6. The list can show exact matches of the conditions listed, or it can show other people, such as household children, household adults, and household primary contact.


If you use the since x days condition, it refers to today plus the previous x days.

Select Submit to access the list of people.

People Personal Tab

The Personal Tab holds all the information on a profile's Personal tab, such as birthdays, schools, households, and the information in the profile's header, such as background checks, membership, and campus.

To access that information as a list condition, choose Personal from the People dropdown.


Lists of Lists

If you have a list with many rules and conditions, and you want to reference that list from another list, use one of your conditions to find the people in the already-created list.



Do not set the list to auto-refresh. 

When lists depend on each other, they need to be refreshed in the order they were created. You can't refresh the list of lists until the others have been refreshed.

Manual Lists

To create a list of people who don't necessarily fit specific rules and conditions, create a Yes/No custom field and set that field to "Yes" for everyone you want on your manual list.


Then, you can generate a list based on who has "Yes" in that field. If you want to manually include or exclude specific people from an existing list, you can add a rule to the list to include people with "Yes" or exclude people with "No" in that field.



You can also use bulk action to select multiple people without creating a list.

List Results

The Results tab shows all the people who met your conditions and rules.

  1. Send a text message, email, or Church Center announcement to people on the list.

  2. Export the list to a CSV file.

  3. Print a report of people on the list.

    If printing the Default Report, verify your columns show all the information you want to print. 

  4. Use bulk actions to make changes to everyone on the list.

  5. Edit the information viewed in your results by selecting any available columns.

  6. See the results for each of your conditions and then the total of them together in the sidebar.

Select a person's name to be taken to their profile in Playlist mode.

Manage Column Headers

You can sort the results based on the columns by selecting the columns button.

  • Remove a column by selecting the X.

  • Add a new column by checking the box.

  • Rearrange the order in which the results are displayed using drag and drop.

To sort the list results by a specific column, select the column's header.


Playlist Mode

The Playlist allows you to easily and quickly make changes to the profiles from the list by navigating to and from each profile.


When you select a person's name from the list, you're taken to their profile and can toggle to other profiles using the bar above it.

  1. Choose the list name to return to the list results.

  2. Select previous or use p or ← on your keyboard to navigate to the last result.

  3. Select next or use n or → to navigate to the following result.

Select or use Keyboard Shortcuts to open sections on the Personal tab for editing.

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