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You can grant different permissions to allow pastors, administrators, staff, and key volunteers to view, edit, or customize information in People.

Planning Center People is not designed to be used as a church directory, and the general congregation members should not have access to it.

On a person's profile, a Manager can view and edit the permissions by selecting the gear dropdown and choosing Permissions.

Permissions for all applications a user belongs to are shown on the Applications tab, but only permissions for People can be changed here. Other permissions must be changed from within each app.

Select the permission from the dropdown then Save to send an email to the person notifying them their permission level has been changed.

application permissions

The Can email lists checkbox applies to organizations with a connected Mailchimp account. Managers can always email lists, but if this box is checked, a Viewer or Editor can send an email to all the members of a list.

If you change a person's permissions, they will receive an email prompting them to log in.

Table of Permissions

The table below lists what each permission level can do regarding lists, workflows, people, notes, background checks, and forms.

Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center apps. Another Organization Administrator can make someone an Organization Administrator from Accounts.

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
Create new lists

Access assigned lists

Edit lists
Delete lists
Manage categories

Send emails with Templates

CO - Created by that person only

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
Act on assigned cards

Add, edit, or delete cards

Create workflow

Manage categories

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
View information

Add people

Edit campus

Edit people

Set people inactive

Merge people

 Change permissions

Send emails using templates

Only an Organization Administrator can delete a person or give background check access to certain permission levels or people.

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
View assigned notes

Create notes

Delete notes
Manage categories

CO - Created by that person only

Managers can also access forms, import CSV files, promote grades, and customize fields.

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