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You can grant different permissions to allow pastors, administrators, staff, and key volunteers to view, edit, or customize information in People.

Planning Center People is not designed to be used as a church directory, and the general congregation members should not have access to it.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

On a person's profile, a Manager can view and edit their permissions by choosing Permissions from the Actions dropdown.

Change permissions

Permissions for all products are shown, but only permissions for People can be changed. Other permissions must be changed from within each app.

Choose the People permission from the dropdown.

By default, a Manager can email, text, and send Church Center announcements to people in lists, and create forms and workflows. However, if you want a Viewer or Editor to have any of that access, check the corresponding box.

application permissions

Click Save to send an email to the person notifying them their permission level has been changed.

Which Email Address Receives the Email?

A person can specify the primary email address on a profile, but not all Planning Center products respect that primary email address at this time.

Here's how to know which email address will receive the email you send:

These products only send an email to the primary email address on a profile:

  • Registrations
  • Calendar

These products send an email to every email address listed on a profile

  • Services
  • Groups
  • People
  • Check-Ins
  • Accounts

This product allows a person to choose which email address, regardless of the primary email address:

  • Giving

Table of Permissions

We take specific steps to make sure your data is secure.

In order for you to keep your data secure, you need to set up the appropriate permissions for your staff and volunteer team members. There are different levels of permissions throughout Planning Center People:

  • Overall permissions: Someone with access to People will have one of three permissions, Manager, Editor, and Viewer. Even if someone is an Editor or Viewer, they may not have the same enablements to communicate via lists or create forms or workflows.
  • Background checks: in order to access background checks as an Editor or Viewer, you need to be given specific access.
  • Note categories: not all notes are accessible.
  • Lists, Workflows, and Forms: each of these has its own permissions.
  • Custom Field Tabs: Each tab can have its own accessibility, set according to permission or person.

As you give more people access to Planning Center People, make sure you're checking their access according to the levels of permissions listed above.

Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center apps. Another Organization Administrator can make someone an Organization Administrator from Accounts.

Only an Organization Administrator can delete a person or give background check access to certain permission levels or people.

The table below lists what each overall permission level can do regarding specific features.

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
View information

Add people

Edit campus

Edit people

Set people inactive

Merge people

 Change permissions

Send emails using templates

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
Create new lists

Access assigned lists

Edit lists
Delete lists
Manage categories

Send a text message IE IE
Send emails with Templates IE

CO - Created by that person only
IE - If enabled in Permissions

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
Create workflow
Manage categories

IE - If enabled in Permissions

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
View Submissions FS FS
Add, edit, or delete fields
Create form
Manage settings

CO - Created by that person only
IE - If enabled in Permissions
FS - Depends on the Form Settings

Highest Permissions Viewer Editor Manager
View assigned notes

Create notes

Delete notes
Manage categories

CO - Created by that person only

Managers can also access forms, import CSV files, promote grades, and customize fields.

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