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Add social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to profiles to be able to connect in a different way. You can even have social profiles auto-imported when you enter an email address on someone's profile.

Auto-Import Social Profiles

When you enable auto-import the first time, the importer checks all email addresses in the database and adds social profiles to those profiles.

To enable auto-import, click Customize Fields from the gear dropdown on the People page.



The first time an Organization Administrator signs into People, they'll be given the option to auto-import social profiles.

From the Personal tab, select the pencil to change the Auto Import to On.


Check the box to enable it then select Save to immediately start adding social profiles to people if a match is found based on their email address.


Once you enable auto-import, profiles will be looked up when a new email is added to a person as long as social profiles don't already exist on that profile.

Verify Social Profiles

If auto import is enabled, social profiles will be searched based on the email address on a person's profile. However, those profiles need to be verified.

An unverified profile has a yellow question mark beside it. To verify, select the pencil in the Social Profiles box.


If the social profiles are correct, select Save to verify them and add them to the profile.


If they are incorrect, change the link then select Save, and they'll automatically be verified.

Add Social Profiles on Profile

On a person's profile page, select the pencil in the Social Profiles section to add or edit profiles.


Copy the full URL of any of the social networks (including the http://), paste it in the box, and click Save.


Why aren't some Facebook or Twitter profile photos showing up?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow us to grab profile photos based on a person's facebook profile name or URL. Since we are unable to get these photos directly, we rely on a third party service called Full Contact to find someone's profile photo based on their email address. So even when you manually enter in someone's Facebook or Twitter URL, we will only be able to get the photo for their Facebook or Twitter profiles if Full Contact was able to find the photo based on the person's email address.

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