Merge Profiles Manually

When a profile is created for a person who already exists in your database, you can merge the two profiles to keep all the information current and correct.

If you know you have two people that are the same, but it's not showing up on the Duplicate Detector yet, you can manually merge them from their profile.

Select Merge this profile from the sidebar.

Enter the name of the person you're merging the profile to then confirm the merge.

  1. By default, the profile you're viewing becomes the Person To Remove; however, you can search for a different person if you want to keep this person. All contact information and activity in any application will be moved from the Person To Remove to the Person To Keep. After the merge, this profile will be completely removed from your account.
  2. Choose the Person To Keep, who will retain all contact information and activity in any application.
  3. After you enter the text, the Merge these people button will be enabled.

The highest permission level for each app will be kept, and donation information, such as recurring donations and payment methods, will be merged to the Person To Keep.

Merging profiles cannot be undone.

After the merge is complete, you will be taken to the Person To Keep's profile page.

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