Send an Email to a List

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If you need to send links or a bunch of information at once, you can email a group of people from a list. This email will have basic formatting.


You can use Mailchimp to send a styled email. Lists with more than 500 people must be sent through Mailchimp.

Send an Email

From a list, click the message dropdown, and then choose Send email.


You can also send an email to a list from the People mobile app!


Managers and those who have Can email lists permissions can send an email to people in a list.


Use the formatting tools to enter your message, including names and your signature, and then click Send Email to send it to those on your list.


The email will be sent to only primary email addresses and will come from your primary email address. Replies will be sent to your primary email address as well. If you want to use a different email address, use the dropdown to choose another one from your profile. There is no email delegation support.

Once the email is sent, you can find it on a person's Communication tab in their profile.


When People Unsubscribe

When someone unsubscribes from an email sent to a list, a red icon will appear next to their email address.


They will not receive any other emails from lists. If they change their mind and want to resubscribe, they can use the same unsubscribe link in the original email, or an Administrator can resubscribe them on their profile page.

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