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If you need to send information to multiple people simultaneously, you can email a group of people from a list. This email has basic formatting but can include hyperlinks and attachments. Managers and those who have Can email lists permissions can send an email to a list.


For more formatting options, use Mailchimp to send a styled email. Lists with more than 500 people must be sent through Mailchimp.

Send an Email

From a list, select the message icon and choose Send email from the dropdown.


You can also email a list using the People mobile app!


Use the formatting tools to enter your message, including names and your signature, and then select Send Email to send it to those on your list.


The email is sent to primary email addresses only and comes from your primary email address. Replies are also sent to your primary email address. If you want to use a different email address, use the dropdown to choose another one from your profile. There is no email delegation support.


If you're not ready to send your email, select Cancel. The next time you try to email this list, you can restore your previous email or start a new email.

Once the email is sent, you can find it on a person's Communication tab in their profile.


When People Unsubscribe

When someone unsubscribes from an email sent to a list, a red icon appears next to their email address, and they will not receive any other emails from lists.

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If they want to resubscribe, they can use the same unsubscribe link in the original email, or an administrator can invite them to resubscribe by selecting the unsubscribe button.

View Email Message History

See past emails sent to lists that you can view under Message history.


Emails sent after March 25, 2024, are saved, along with the email sender, the name of the list it was sent to, and deliverability status.


Select a message to see additional information.

  1. View the full text of the email.

  2. See who successfully received the email.

  3. See who did not receive the email and the reason why.

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