Sending an Email to a List with MailChimp

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You can use MailChimp to send an email to all of the people on your list. If you PCO account has not yet been connected to your MailChimp account, you can do that from the Integrations tab inside MailChimp. More information is available here.

There are two options for emailing the members of a list. You can send a basic message through the PCO People interface, or sync your list to MailChimp to use their campaign building tools.

Sending a Message Through PCO People

You can use PCO People to send a basic message through MailChimp to the people on your list. In order to do so, you must either have Manager permissions, or the "Can email lists" permissions.

Click the Email Icon

Compose and Send the Message

Compose and Send the Message
  1. Choose your from address. The address must be from a verified domain name in your MailChimp account.
  2. Set the subject line for your message.
  3. Compose your message. You can use Markdown here to add some formatting.
  4. Click the "Send Email to" button to send the message.

Merge Tags

MailChimp syncs with Planning Center and gathers Email, First Name, and Last Name. Those three fields can be merged into a Planning Center People email using the standard merge tags that are set up in MailChimp, but you would need to add one minor tweak if you are sending the email from the composer inside of Planning Center People.

For example, MailChimp may have a merge tag that looks like  *|MERGE1|*. If you were to put that in Planning Center People, that asterisk is actually markdown syntax for making text emphasized. To get around this, you need to escape the asterisk. Here's that that same merge tag should look like in PCO People: \*|MERGE1|\*.

The default merge tags in MailChimp are the following:

Type Merge Tag
Email Address *|EMAIL|* or *|MERGE0|*
First Name *|FNAME|* or *|MERGE1|*
Last Name *|LNAME|* or *|MERGE2|*

Verified Domain Names

If you see a message saying that your MailChimp account doesn't have any verified domain names, you'll need to follow the instructions in this article.

Sending an Email Using MailChimp's Interface

MailChimp provides powerful tools for creating rich emails with beautiful templates. You can sync your list in PCO People to a segment in your MailChimp list.

Syncing the List to a MailChimp Segment

Click the "Sync Now" button to sync your PCO People list to a segment in your MailChimp list.

Viewing the Segment in MailChimp

Viewing the Segment in MailChimp

Once your the sync process has been completed, the sync button will say "View in MailChimp." Click on that to view your segment in MailChimp. More information about how to create a campaign in MailChimp is available in their documentation.

What Happens When Someone Unsubscribes?

When someone unsubscribes from the email they receive, they are unsubscribing from the List in MailChimp. However, all of the Lists (in People) are sent over as segments within the main List you setup in MailChimp. That means, when someone unsubscribes from the email, they will no longer receive emails for any of the Lists you have in People unless you sync PCO People to a different MailChimp List. When they unsubscribe, they will not be removed from the actual List in PCO People, but they will no longer receive emails that are sent out.

If you need to change the MailChimp List that is synced with PCO, you can do so from the Integrations Tab. (Only Organization Administrators will have access to the Integrations Tab.)

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