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A workflow is a series of steps to walk people in your church through processes such as becoming a member, receiving information as a first time guest, or serving in a ministry.

Watch this video to see how to get started with workflows or follow the steps below.

From the Workflows tab, select New Workflow.

Once the workflow is created, it will show in the workflow list. It is sorted alphabetically as well as by its campus and/or category.

Add a Workflow
  1. Name the workflow.
  2. Assign the workflow to a campus and/or category.

Select Create Workflow to begin adding steps to the workflow.

Add Steps

Steps are what people do, so name them according to the action you'd like the assigned person to take.

To add your first step, select Add a step.

Enter the appropriate information for this step, including who is assigned to the step as well as what they need to do.

Enter Step Information
  1. Name your step an action, so people know what to do at a glance.
  2. Add an description if specific information is needed during this step.
  3. By default, the person creating the step will be assigned to the step; assign someone else by selecting CHANGE then type the name of the new assignee.
  4. If steps need time between them, choose to snooze them for an amount of time before notifying the assignee of the step.
  5. Set a timeframe that you want the step to be completed within. A reminder email will be sent to the assignee if any cards wait too long to be completed.

Once you've entered all the necessary information, select Create Step to be taken to an overview of the whole workflow.

  1. Edit this step to add more information or change the assignee.
  2. Add a person to the workflow to allow them to start going through the steps.
  3. Add more steps by clicking Add a step. Then follow the same process of adding your first step.
  4. Change the order of steps by clicking Reorder steps, which will allow you to drag and drop steps in a different place.
  5. Choose to share this workflow with other people based on their permissions.
Reorder Steps

If you need to change the order of steps after you've added several, select Reorder steps.

Reorder Steps

Click and hold the three lines to the right of the step then drag to its new spot.  

Reorder Steps

When it looks good, select Save.

Edit, Delete, and Recover a Workflow

Select Edit Workflow to change the name, assign a campus or category, or delete the workflow.

Make any necessary changes then select Save.

Workflow Information

Delete the workflow by selecting Delete Workflow.

Recover a Deleted Workflow

If you deleted a workflow by mistake, you can recover it within a week of deleting it.

From the Workflows tab, select Recently Deleted Workflows to see a list.

Select Recover next to the workflow you need.

Recover Workflow

When you choose Recover, all of the workflows steps and cards along with their history and assignments will be recovered.

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