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Workflows help leaders track progress and communication as people go through specific steps or milestones. Workflows can be used for linear processes, but some of the most common workflows are steps for becoming a member, going through a growth track series, applying to serve in a ministry, or following up with first-time guests.

The Workflows page can be customized to show all workflows or just those most important to you.

  1. Search for a specific workflow.

  2. Filter workflows by campus or category.

  3. View workflows where you have cards assigned to you, any workflows you've viewed recently, or a comprehensive list of all workflows visible to you.


    Organization administrators also have an Unassigned workflows view, which shows all your viewable workflows without active managers.  

  4. Manage your workflow notification preferences and see or recover any recently deleted workflows.

To create a new workflow, select New workflow on the right of your main Workflows page. When creating a workflow, you can add steps, collaborators, and cards.


Collaborators can complete steps as the card moves through the workflow.

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