Adding and Using Cards

A card will keep track of a person's progress through the workflow.  Cards will include people's basic information, where they are in the workflow, a place to enter notes, as well as a history of the card.

Adding Cards to your workflow

To start adding a card, click on Add someone to workflow at either two places.

Start typing in the person's name you would like to add to the workflow.

1.  If their information is already in People, click on their name.

2.  If they are not added in People, click on Create A New Person

Creating A New Person

Creating A New Person

1.  Add their first and last name.

2.  Enter in an e-mail address.

3.  Select whether they are an adult or child.

4.  Click on Create Person.

This will add them to your workflow and into People.  You can enter in more of their personal information from their profile page.

Cards and Using Workflows

To see someone's card, click on View Card.

The Anatomy of a Card

The Anatomy of a Card
  1. This is their information.  You can click on their name to be taken into their profile in People.
  2. This is what workflow they are in.
  3. This is the step they are in the workflow
  4. You can send them to the next step by clicking Complete step.
  5. This is the next step of the workflow.
  6. You can reassign the card to a different team member by clicking Reassign Card and typing the name of the team member you would like to assign it too.  Click their name, and they will be assigned the card.  Only Administrators can be reassigned cards.
  7. Cards can be snoozed to come back to them later. Find out more about snoozing cards.
  8. You can remove the card from the workflow by clicking here. This will keep the card's history in the person's profile, but remove it from the workflow.
  9. You can add notes here to summarize what happened during the step.  These notes are viewable to everyone who this card is assigned to.  By clicking on Save Note, it will add it to the card's history.
  10. You send an email to the person from this tab. Emails sent from workflows are always sent in plain text in order to look as personal as possible.
  11. This is the history of the card from creation to completion. This will include notes added.
  12. You can delete the card. This will remove all history of the card from the person's profile.

Seeing What Cards are Assigned To You

Seeing What Cards are Assigned To You
  1. The number in blue will be how many cards are assigned specifically to you.
  2. The number grayed out will be the total number of cards their are in the workflow.

These are the places you can see what cards are assigned to you.

  1. This will show how many cards you have in each step.
  2. When in the step, you will see what cards are assigned to you.
  3. Card that are assigned to different people within the step will be shown here.
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