Using Lists to Search Workflows

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Lists is a powerful way to search for different groups of people in your church.  You can use Lists to search for different statuses in Workflows.

Creating a List to Search Workflows

You can add a new list by clicking on New List.

Name your list.

  1. Create a rule by selecting People
  2. Choose a workflow in the options under "Select A Condition."

3.  Choose the option you would like to search

4.  If you would like further search criteria, click on Add a Condition.

5.  If you would like to add another rule, Click on Add a Rule.

6.  Choose additional options if needed.

7.  Click on Submit.

To get more detailed information about creating Lists, you can view our help document here.

Once you can see your results, one of the most powerful things you can do here is to edit this group.  For instance, let's say you search for people who have completed a membership class and have become members.  Instead of going into each profile, you can search that workflow, then edit the group, set their membership type or their membership.  For more detailed instructions on doing this, read our documentation here.

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