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Early in the process of developing PCO People, we built a feature that allowed a profile to be set to one of three states: 'active', 'inactive', or 'pending'. The purpose of the active and inactive states has always been clear, but there has been much confusion about the purpose of the third 'pending' state, so we have decided to remove it.

The intention for the pending profile was to put profiles in a pending state when they were created through a public interface in either PCO Registrations or PCO Giving. This way an admin could see that a profile had been created, then the admin would have the opportunity to change the profile's status to either active or inactive, or delete it all together. The goal was to provide insight about what was happening with your data, but in practice it's mostly created confusion and busywork.

When someone creates a profile in your database by registering for an event or giving online, we wanted an admin to have a chance to see this new profile, and potentially delete the profile if it was obviously incorrect (e.g. somebody registered as "Seymour Butz.") However, the admin responsible for that event will already see that registration come through and has incentive to clean up that data since it is affecting the event they're managing. Same goes for people who give through PCO Giving. So the need to protect your data is already addressed by someone who is more likely to do something with it.

Since all of our apps treat active and pending profiles the same, admins don’t have any incentive to look at and change pending profiles. What we've seen is that most pending profiles created as pending are left that way. We dug through our data and found that roughly 98% of all pending profiles have never had their status changed.This task ended up being busywork, requiring the admin to manually set all pending profiles to active.

Today we have removed the pending status all together. This means a few things:

  • All profiles that were set to pending have been changed to active.
  • Since status is now a binary option ('active' or 'inactive'), we've changed the interface to use a checkbox to set a profile as inactive. If the box is checked, the profile is inactive.
  • Any existing lists with conditions that searched for pending profiles will return zero results for that condition. You will not be able to make new conditions looking for pending profiles.

If you did use the pending profile status to look for newly created profiles, we recommend you create a list to search for recently created profiles, or sort your main list of people by the date the profile was created. If you used the pending status as a type of membership status, we recommend you use the "In Progress" membership type instead.

If you have any questions, please contact support by clicking on the question mark in the top right of any page in the app.

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