Workflow Permissions

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You can manage who has access to a workflow by making it visible only to certain individuals or permission levels.

Give Access

From the workflow, choose who to give access to the workflow based on their permission level, or you can choose a specific person.


You can only share workflows with users who have permissions of at least Viewer.


Choose the type of access you want them to have.


Manage workflow

Edit all cards

Edit assigned cards

Edit non-assigned cards

Delete cards

Add new cards

Configure steps

Give others access

Delete workflow

Remove Access

When someone doesn't have access to a workflow, they won't see it in the list of workflows or see any of the workflow's cards from a profile page. Unless you've told them about it, they won't even know the workflow exists.

From the Workflow, click the X next to a person's name to remove a permission level or person's access to the workflow.



In order to see an X next to a permission level and remove that permission level's access, you will need to have Manage workflow permissions. You can't remove your own manage permissions.

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