1/25/2017 - Changelog

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Several major features were shipped this week!

  • We added privacy setting to workflows so that you can limit who has access to it and it's cards. (Documentation)
  • You can now snooze a card in a workflow, which will hide it from your view until a certain day. This is a great way to remind yourself to followup with someone later. (Documentation)
  • Cards in workflows now give you the ability to send an email directly from the card to the person. This email and replies to it will be tracked in the card. 

You can read up on all our changes to workflows in this blog post.

  • A new Bulk Action tools allows you to update several profiles at once. Blog post and documentation.
  • We changed the sort order of lists and workflows to be alphabetical.
  • Added a subtle loading bar at the top of the page during navigation.
  • Updated our version of Ruby on Rails to keep up with some security patches that were released. (If you're curious: rubyonrails.org)
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