1/4/2017 - Changelog

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Here's a brief summary of some of the customer facing changes made in PCO People this week:

  • We've added a new custom field type for storing numbers. It has settings for minimums and maximums, and there are new conditions in lists to compare numbers. (For example: you could use this to find everyone with an SAT score of 1200 or greater).
  • When a list returns no results, you'll now be shown some more helpful text and a cheesy joke.
  • You can now sort the people in your reports with a case-insensitive sort using `sort_natural`. For example:
{% sorted_people = people | sort_natural: 'last_name' %}

This will correctly put people with last names like `dos Santos` in the middle of your report instead of at the bottom.

  • CSV imports accept a new column for setting the primary contact of a household during import. For more information, see our article on Importing People from a CSV.
  • Emails are being sent using a new and improved, much prettier template.
  • We put in protection to prevent users from inactivating their own profiles when using bulk actions from lists.
  • Fixed a bug where some customers could be assigned to a card in a workflow, but weren't able to complete steps or add notes.
  • We reorganized a large portion of our codebase, cleaned up some unused old code, and updated a key development tool. This unfortunately was the cause of some unforeseen bugs early in the week, but it sets up our development team to be able to deliver new features even faster and more efficiently in the future.
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