Snoozing Cards

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If you want to come back to a card in a workflow later, you can snooze it, and it will be hidden from your view until the selected set time. At 7am on the specified snoozed date, the card's assignee will get an email notification.

Cards can be snoozed manually or automatically:

Manually Snooze a Card

You can manually snooze a card for a set period of time by selecting Snooze.

Select the period of time for the card to snooze, or choose a specific date for the card to give you a new notification.

snooze times

Automatically Snooze a Card

Steps can be set to automatically snooze cards when the card before it is completed.

On the step you'd like to snooze, select Edit Step.

Check the Auto snooze box and choose when you'd like the notification to be sent once the step before is completed.

Enable Auto Snooze, and Select a Time Period

Also add a response time, so a reminder email is sent if the assignee doesn't complete the step in the expected timeframe.

View Snoozed Cards

If any cards have been snoozed, the step will show the number of cards snoozed for that step.

Select Snoozed to view which cards are snoozed and for how long.

Viewing Snoozed Cards
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