Update People with Bulk Actions

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You may want to update information about several people, like change their membership status or add them to a group. Editors and Managers can update multiple people by choosing them from the Bulk Action tool or from a list, or they can update an individual on their profile.

Select Individuals

If you want to update a handful of people who don't match any list conditions, you can update them from the Bulk Actions Tool.


Check out our Common Lists to find who needs to be updated!

1. Open the Bulk Action Tool

From the People tab, click the settings gear, and then click Bulk Actions.

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2. Search for People

Search for people by name and choose them from the dropdown.



You can also choose people from a list by choosing List from the menu instead.

3. Select the Update

Once you've chosen people to update, you'll see them in the People Selected box. You can now choose what to update from the dropdowns and perform the action.

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Choose a List

If you have a list of people you'd like to update all at once, go to the list, and then click the icon to choose what you'd like to update.


Choose the action you want to apply to all the people on the list, and then click to perform the action.



You can also have this action to be performed automatically for each person added to the list with Automations!

Other Ways to Update

  • To update an individual, go to the settings on their profile and choose Perform Action.

  • To update more than one piece of information,import a CSV file of new information.

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