Assign People to Campuses

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The campuses in Accounts are used for the Check-Ins Mobile Pass as well as Services calendar feeds and folders. In People, campuses are listed on a person's profile and used in lists and workflows.

You can assign people to a campus from their profile, or you can use lists and bulk actions to assign multiple people to a campus.

From a person's profile, select dropdown to choose a campus for this person.

If you don't see the Campus option, the Organization Administrator needs to add campuses.

Set the Campus for Multiple Profiles

Use the bulk update tool to set the campus for a group of people at once.

Search for the people you'd like to update, by typing their names or by using a list, and add them to the list below then use the dropdowns to select Set Campus then choose the campus.

Select Update x people to save the changes.

Automatically Set Campuses Based on Activity

If your church uses Check-Ins or Services, which both use campuses, use lists and automations to set someone's campus field based on their activity in your church.

Create a list with rules to pull out people who serve at the campus and who have checked in to the location associated with that campus.

Submit the list, and then go to the Automations tab to add a campus to the people on this list every time the list is refreshed.

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