How do People Log in?

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Planning Center People is a tool for your church's pastors, administrators, staff, and key volunteers to find and share information about the people in your church. It is not designed to be used as a church directory, or for the general congregation to have access to it.

Can Everyone Log in?

Can Everyone Log in?

Only people with Viewer permission or higher will have the ability to log in to the People application. Permissions should be saved for people who are either on staff or volunteer for the church and need access to personal information. Detailed information about permission levels is available here.

Assigning Permissions

On the personal profile page, you'll see a permissions button in the bottom left corner. By selecting the button, you can edit permissions for just about any person listed in your People application. The only people you can't edit are Organization Admins. In order to lower an Organization Administrator's permission level in People you would first need to remove them as an Organization Admin.

Logging In

Logging In

Anytime someone is given a permission in People they will receive the above email.

  1. They can click the blue button to create their password. If they ever forget their password, they can check out this article on Resetting Passwords.
  2. If they want, they can download the PCO People app for free!
  3. Don't forget to encourage them to read helpful articles on all of the features we support, and if they have any other questions, they can email us directly.  

If they don't get an email right away, here are a few things you can do to double check the email was sent.

  • Check the Communications Tab on their profile in People (image above). If the email is in red, that will let you know that it was not delivered successfully. Double check that they have the correct email on file.
  • If the email is not red, have the user check their spam folder. Occasionally emails will be filtered into a different folder like spam or junk. If it isn't there, have the user contact us directly at
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