4/21/2017 - Changelog

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It’s been a while since we posted a list of updates. So buckle up, we’re playing catch-up and moving fast.


  • A card can now skip a step and go back to the previous step. Blog Post
  • Made some major performance increases so that workflows are faster.
  • Activities on cards show the time as a relative time (something like: “3 hours ago”). But if you need to know the exact time, you can hover over the relative time to find out.
  • Creating a new person now lets you add their contact information at the same time as you create them.

CSV Imports

  • Added a preview step so that you will see exactly what changes will be made before the import is actually ran.
  • Added some basic error catching to help prevent bad data from ending up in your database.
  • Redesigned the import history page.


  • Added relative time options to some conditions in lists. So now you can search for someone who was scheduled in Services in “the last six months” instead of just since a specific date.
  • When you create a new automation, there is a new option to also apply that automation to existing members of the list.
  • Added a search tool to help you find lists quicker.

Mobile Apps

  • Launched PCO People 1.1 for both iOS and Android which includes Workflows! Blog Post


  • You can add someone to a workflow from their profile page. (Currently you can only add someone to workflow from their profile page if they’ve previously been added to a workflow. We’re working on improving that too).
  • Welcome emails sent to new administrators now link to the set password page if the new admin does not have a password set.
  • Anytime you search for a person (like when adding them to a workflow or merging their profile), the search results now show their name, avatar, and some basic contact info to help you differentiate who is who.
  • The feature to automatically import people’s social media profiles based on their email addresses now tries to import a photo from Facebook or Twitter as well, and we’ve added a button to let you make that photo their profile photo in People in a single click. Blog Post
  • Added Activity Feeds to show you a complete picture of someone’s activity in your church. Blog Post
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